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  • 我曾/未曾來過此地

  • 92x98x199cm
  • 鋼絲網,宜家傢俬單人床
  • 2018
  • Stella collected used furniture and turns it to artwork. The major part of this work, the IKEA single bed frame, is the first furniture the artist bought when she landed HK nine years ago, to her it’s a symbol of wandering life. She carefully wrapped the pillow and the invisible mattress in metal wire, the wire holds their original shape. This work continues Stella’s practice of transforming the daily objects into a disconcerting environment, raising connotations of familiar objects with the sense of displacement and isolation, to create an atmosphere of loneliness. This “useless” bed is presenting the trace of the existence of passed life.

    Special thanks to Wang Yu, who gave the IKEA bed frame to the artist. Wang came to HK in 2012 from China