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Selected Work

  • Vision

  • Dimensions variable
  • Installation
  • 2020
  • The main idea of ​​the work is to create an environment close to the nature through setting of
    the scene, allow the audience to meditate and take a closer look, and enter into a discourse
    space through a touch of visual sense and perception. The use of the image of the moon as
    the subject is based on its symbolic meaning and variability. It is also used as the subject of
    many fable stories, god painting stories, verses, songs, and paintings, which are full of
    mystery and uncertainty. At the same time, it represents peace and expresses an aesthetical
    idea. Besides, the moon is the symbol of eternity. Its gentleness contrasts against the sun.
    This work attempts to arouse the audience’s reflection on the connection between their

    sensory perception and the nature in the appreciation of the importance of the existence of
    human’s sensory perception.

Artist Introduction

Chris Leung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with master’s degrees in computer science, advertising, business administration, and visual culture studies. He has a strong interest in different academic fields and thinks about life through study and practice. Chris’s works attempts to covey philosophical concepts through different artistic media, constructing a unique dialogue space to constitute and represent the connection about “presence/absence” and “sensibility/intellectuality”. Under the deduction of the concept of thinking and organization in the rationality domain, the expression of art will once again present the essence of the life, affecting the soul consciousness and physical expression of the human being, and finally strengthen the connection between the soul and the body, causing the audience to reflect and consciousness awakening.

LEUNG, Lap Kei Chris
Graduate Year