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Selected Work

  • Hazy Cliff

  • 48 × 106 cm
  • Ink and colour on silk
  • 2016
  • The concept of landscape painting is changing on the point of contemporary culture which was seeking the spiritual symbol and value between the situation of heritage and contemporary. “Transition Scene” as an exhibition title means that changing situation to express the changing scene in various situation. “Transition” refers to the moving times. “Scene” involves the reflection of mental consciousness and space. The depiction of space-time relationship in paintings or installations by integrating the abnormal viewing format, theconcept of technology and the spatial aesthetics of landscape painting will be shown in
    “Transition Scene”. Trying to create out of the boundary of previous landscape paintings reflect the different notions and concepts between format, spatial and temporal dimension.

Artist Introduction

Yau Wing Fung received his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015. He is currently a candidate of Master’s degree in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yau concentrates on ink media creations and focuses on researching spatial aesthetics of landscape painting and the transition of ink spirit in current situation. He tries to create out of the boundary of previous visual experiences. Borrowing from the concept of technology images as the visual vocabulary merge into the composition to reveal various notions, forms or methods throughout paintings or installations. Yau has held solo exhibitions in recent years, including "Inconstant Vision”, "Roaming Vision in Mirage", “Looking glass". He has also participated various important exhibition including “Art Basel”, "Chinese Contemporary Ink" Christie's Auction, “Ink Asia”, “Fine Art Asia”, "Art Taipei" etc. Yau has attained some awards including Y.S. HUI Fine Arts Award, Wucius Wong New Ink Art Award, Talent Development Scholarship, Van I-Pong Traditional Chinese Painting Creative Award etc. yauwingfung.com

Yau Wing Fung
Graduate Year