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Selected Work

  • To contain. To enrich

  • Dimensions variable
  • Images projection, video, book
  • 2020
  • We always miss he / she / it, deeply. No matter whether he / she / it is still alive, to

    miss our beloved inevitably contains helplessness and pain. Can this hidden emotion
    be faced, be expressed and be shared so as to enrich our lives?

Artist Introduction

Lorita LAI was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She obtained her Master of Arts (Social Work) and Master of Arts in Fine Art from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She published her book and was granted with Youth Literary Awards. As an escape, she never gives up practicing Chinese calligraphy and painting. Recently, she collaborates with different community groups in practice community art so as to explore people’s inner emotions.

LAI, Yuk King Lorita
Graduate Year