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Selected Work

  • The Big Picture

  • Dimensions variable
  • Pigment liner and jumbo chisel tip marker on canvas and memo pad
  • 2020
  • The co-existence of life and death makes life exist as a progression to death and, on the other
    hand, death as the essence of life. Death is crucial yet does not happen in our daily lives. But is life
    complete when we don’t think about death?
    Moments of life will not go back – it is a flash that cannot be grasped or retained. It is light and
    short; but it never stops, until the end of life. We have no choice but to confront the continuous
    flashing of life, representing an unbearable weight. Life is destined to be extremely light and
    The brushstrokes were murmuring that it was so noisy and I couldn't help not to be aware of its
    existence until the canvas was filled up. At the same time, I felt something was losing, leaving a
    hole of silence. Then it kept circulating and fell into the vortex of the Eternal Return. I regard it as
    the heaviness of tragedy fading, and it fades to become so light, which is too light to bear; it is not
    like a turbulent wave anymore, but becomes a running water flowing with its destiny.
    Death is the big picture of life which humans bear it to live as if there is no death. We never gaze
    at death until the moment it comes, by then we are coerced to look at such void that always
    exists. The Big Picture will only be complete by the missing piece attached to the individual being
    that exists in the Big Picture but not as a physical part of it. It resembles that death completes the
    bigger picture of life.

Artist Introduction

Anna Ngai is a Hong Kong based artist. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2010, during which she received the Hong Kong Institute of Education Academic Excellence Award in 2006-2007. Her recent exhibitions and achievements include: The Art of CUHK 2020: Master of Arts in Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition ‘Some How I Hate Art’ (2020), Be Water My Friend (2019) and The Art of CUHK 2019: Master of Arts Year 1 Exhibition ‘More Than Fullness’ (2019), M21 Anti-riot Micro film competition (2014), Vegetarian x Art Exhibition (2013), A Revelation of spare-time Artists-Illustration Show (2013), Green Art over Plastic Disaster (2012), Drama Mall (2011), Cam & City Photographic Youth Project (2010), The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) Graduation Exhibition (2010) and The 4th Fresh Wave Short Film Competition (Special mention)(2009).

Ngai, On Na Anna
Graduate Year