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Selected Work

  • Subject X & E

  • Dimensions variable
  • Installation art (mixed media)
  • 2020
  • The primary idea of this artwork is the ambivalence within oneself and existentialism. It narrates a story by the combination of personal hobby (drawing) and textual records. The work involves both rationality (X) and sensibility (E), which depicts self-psychological and mental status and establish a relationship between present and past, by the use of space and display method in the exhibition. It consists of two presentation methods (drawing & collage); two drawing techniques (illustrations & oil paint), and each method and technique itself involves X & E. Relationship between content seems complex, but co-exist as a whole.

    Time is linear - past creates present and present influences future. When times exist in one space, and similar events happen concurrently but change due to time. Despite psychical matter in reality, then time might merely be a concept in our spiritual world, which can be presented in nonlinear form - no start point and end point in any events. We think that time is flowing in one direction, perhaps this is just due to the influences of experiences comprise human feelings. Feelings on similar events can be different when our perceptions are changed.

    Rationality and sensibility are different but also connected to each other. Human’s mind is created by them both, and activities in human’s mind affect their behaviour. If one of them is missing, the human behaviour can be regarded as non-natural or supernatural behaviour, etc. Nevertheless, this is the general definition of human mind’s structure nowadays - yet the world is still changing anyhow.

    “I believe and doubted; established and erased.”

Artist Introduction

Drawing is the artist’s hobby since his childhood. Self-taught drawing styles and techniques were learnt from various visual art forms. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in knitwear fashion design and technology in 2012 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He lived abroad for a short period of time after graduation and worked as a luxury fashion sales associate afterwards. He then became a tattoo artist in 2016, and established his custom tattoo business for almost 4 years. He expects to complete his Master of Arts in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. After that, he intends to re-position himself and seek a sustainable path for his future development.

LEUNG, Shek Laam Edwin
Graduate Year