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Selected Work

  • Really Bag Temporary Care Service

  • Dimensions variable
  • Mixed media & performance
  • 2020
  • Over the years, Winnie has never stopped reassessing the purpose of ‘life’, ‘work’ and ‘art’. In a seminar which she attended at school, the idea of ‘capitalism’ reminded her of a touching short film that she watched many years ago called The Employment (2008), written by an Argentinean artist Patricio Plaza and directed by an Argentinean director Santiago Grasso. The film shows the alienation of work, and how human takes part in an unfair system in which groups of people exploit other groups of people.

    She is convinced that everyone is consuming and being consumed in a capitalist society. People trade their valuable time and values, for instance environmental justice, for money in order to satisfy their daily needs and unlimited wants. Every day, tremendous emotionless transactions have disconnected the relationships between people.

    In response to the downsides of capitalism, she initiated the Really Bag Temporary Care Service (2020). 10 people across different job sectors, generations, and have crossed paths with Winnie in different stages of her life are invited to participate in her project. She made use of the Really Bags and dialogues as media to create this work. This is an interactive and performative work which encourages everyone’s participation and to discuss their thoughts with Winnie.

    10 participants started the ‘temporary care service’ for the 10 Really Bags. Each of them carries Winnie’s imagination on the caretaker’s job. From Winnie’s imagination to participant’s real life experience, the Really Bag Temporary Care Service (2020) has not only opened a dialogue between people, but it has also strengthened the relationships between people and has provided a chance for them to rethink the meaning of human relationships and work under capitalism.

    Winnie believes art plays an important role in this world and in the holistic development of human beings. She hopes to continue her creation by engaging people from all walks of life in finding alternatives to make positive impacts on people’s lives, not just in the city but in the world. The future is full of uncertainties but as she always says ‘Attempt is always the way to success.’ Why not give it a try?

Artist Introduction

Constantly exploring artistic approaches to address and raise public awareness on social issues, Winnie sees art as a medium to inspire us to think and to feel, where she loves connecting with people and the community through dialogues and reflections in her creations. The Really Bag (2010) art and craft project was initiated by Winnie to spread happiness by asking people to describe someone they treasure with 'one word’. With that particular word, she then designed a Really Bag as gift for each of those lucky ones. In 2017, she curated her first solo art exhibition PRESENT...TENSE? (2017) in Hong Kong and London as a sequel of the Really Bag (2010) project. The exhibitions encouraged us to open up and feel the moment which crafts unique memories. Last year, Winnie created 24 (2019), a gentle critique on how Hong Kong’s population of 7 million relies on plastic bags. She offered fabric and ribbon scrapes a ‘second life’ by transforming those ‘rubbish’ into an art piece that comprises 24 reusable bags, which were given away after the exhibition. Winnie invites you to join her artistic journey in co-creating positive impacts to the society.

MA, Wing Yin Winnie
Graduate Year