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Selected Work

  • (O faithless and perverse generation,) How long shall I be with you, and bear with you?

  • 126 x 360 cm ( A set of 36 )
  • Digital illustration , water colour and pins on paper
  • 2016
  • The world is distorted and absurd; our memories are distorted and absurd; we are distorted and absurd. The artwork is a self-dialogue showing intimacy, it shows elements of in and out, self and the other and the boundaries between the each. By spatially expanding the images of the various egos through repeating and overlapping, the artist speaks about her journey to find the real herself amongst many alter egos of her that were created from the outsider with the countless and unspecified others or system, and the preposterou and frustration that she faces during that journey.

Artist Introduction

KWAN Yung Yee, YY
Graduate Year