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Selected Work

  • Never Has Been, Never Will Be

  • 200 x 70 x 70 cm each
  • Ink on silk, wood
  • 2018
  • YANG Sue Yon’s exhibition focuses on humanity, particularly about life and death, gravitating toward the unavoidable fate human beings are facing. Humans have been endlessly endeavoring to overcome death and its finite lives, the fear of death had led to the formation of myth and superstitions which aim to serve the humanistic desire of immortality. Sue Yon would like to question what has made people create such mythical beliefs and reveal the futileness of the desire longing for immortality. In this exhibition, Sue Yon will represent the images of ‘Ten immortals (sun, moon, rock, water, pine tree, crane, turtle, deer, peach, elixir plant)’, the symbols of longevity in Korean culture. Sue Yon recreates the images of the symbols’ by changing the images into dead, valueless objects to visualize the futility.

Artist Introduction

YANG Sue Yon (b.1988, Seoul, Korea), obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seoul National University, Korea in 2011, studied Korean traditional painting. While she developed her career as an artist, she also worked as a researcher producing replicas of cultural heritages for national museums in Korea. From this background, she would like to explore new possibilities of the traditional painting by combining and experimenting traditional materials and contemporary expressions. In her artworks, Sue Yon focuses on humanity, particularly about life and death. The exploration on the spectrum of life and fatality stem from her personal experience of her father’s death, and eventually evolves into the questioning of why people fear death even it is inevitable. These questionings translate into the theme of futile desire on eternity, and expose the intrinsic fear in humanity. Sue Yon held two solo exhibitions and participated in various exhibitions such as ‘Ink Asia’, ‘Fine Art Asia’, ‘Asia Contemporary Art Show’, her works were showcased in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany. Her works are housed in ‘Seong-nam Art Bank’, ‘Incheon District Court’, ‘Seoul National University Hospital’ in Korea and prized by private collectors.

YANG Sue Yon
Graduate Year