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Selected Work

  • Master-spacing ver. 1.5

  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • Members: Chan Yi Ting, Chong Ting Hong, Chu Chin Ching, Mok Hiu Tung, Yeung Wing San, Yeung Wun Yan

    This is a story of six heroes traveling across the universe to seek for Jinxtyh' s art.


    Um die Kunst der Jinxtyh erkunden, das ist die Geschichte von sechs Helden, die im ganzen Universum zu bewegen.

    Jinxtyh의 예술을 탐색하려면,이 우주를 통해 이동 여섯 영웅의 이야기이다.

    Щоб вивчити мистецтво Jinxtyh, рухаючись по Всесвіту це історія шести героїв.

    Por lerni la arton Jinxtyh, movante en la universo estas la rakonto de ses karakterojn.

    Ki te ako i te Jinxtyh toi, ko te kōrero o te ono pūāhua neke i roto i te ao.


Artist Introduction

Highly interactive with the artist, it will follow my story and help me enter another dimension, another fictional world . It may exist, but it may not; it can be aboriginal, but innovative; it lets me control anything I want , even if it sometimes it will make me puzzled and trapped; Everyone will come into contact with it, but most people will choose to ignore it. I choose ceramic as my medium , and I have fallen in love with it.

MOK Hiu-tung, Alison
Graduate Year
Artist Introduction

Artistic creation is to re-experience the world so that the lost perceptions could be found.

Chu Chin-ching
Graduate Year
Artist Introduction

My creation’s topic focuses mainly on the dark side and haunting memories of one’s mind. Conflicts between one’s inside world (mind) and outside world (action) rendered while he or she attempted to hide the true thoughts towards one another. Fear, guilt, loneliness, inharmonious …… Complexity of emotions would also be the prerequisite of my creation. I have developed a presentation technique with strong sense of staging style, which is seal and secret. The medias of my works mainly are installation, video and digital imaging.