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Selected Work

  • In-Evitable Pain

  • Dimensions variable
  • Mixed media
  • 2022
  • “I feel alive and real when I feel the pain.” Handcutting seems abnormal and hard to understand. Yet, it is common among teenagers across the globe. A concentration-camp survivor, founder of logotherapy, Viktor Frankl once said “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.” Is hand cutting normal? How abnormal the situation could be when people choose to experience this pain. Is this pain evitable? Can you feel that pain?

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Artist Introduction

Graduated from Master of Expressive Arts Therapy and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) at The University of Hong Kong. Is now studying Master of Arts in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Started doing psychotherapy with multi-modal arts since 2017. Art is powerful in discovering self, facili- tating dialogue with the world and in making chang- es. Since 2020, I explore how arts can be applied in the community and society to give voice and to make voice.

Graduate Year