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Selected Work

  • I Wish I Wish

  • 1588X300cm
  • Sequins, Wax ink and Ink on Paper
  • 2019
  • The name of the exhibition “肉身供養” is derived from the title of Hsun Chiang's book. The book reminds me of the various temptations and hardships with our own bodies.We learn to become who we want to be, try to learn who we are and what we are looking for in our limited time. The soul and body are mutually complementary. We experience gains and losses over and over in our pursuit of a better life. Our body is indeed the starting point and the end point.

    Ancient beliefs may allow us to examine our own attachments and obsessions. Take the mural of the donors in Mogao Grottoes as an example, it is obvious that the donors’ attitude towards the gods changed from the respectfulness to the accumulation of benefaction and manifestation of personal merits. To be honest, our goodwill for the others, the respect for life, and the persistence of faith, just like the reverence and fear of the gods, are indeed dispensable.

    We are all still seized by our endless desires. I wish I wish.