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Selected Work

  • I reformed the goldfish

  • Dimensions variable
  • Mixed Media
  • 2020
  • "I keep thinking about all the things I never said"-BoJack Horseman
    "How could you say that?" "It shouldn't be mentioned. Don't say it." "You should..."

    I have a strong feeling of not being able to act according to my own will. Because of the pressure in the society and from other people, everything becomes hard to tell. I’m constantly thinking about the situations under which genuine thoughts need to be covered up, and what exactly caused the need to cover up. Concealment is never the actual solution to the problem. Instead, the emotions are further suppressed, forming a forced transformation. The people who have been transformed began to constantly censor themselves in such a social condition.

    The medium of embroidery is used in the work to represent the double-sidedness and cover the reality behind with the pattern in the front. As a species that has been forcibly "transformed", goldfish seems to be beautified and more appealing in the decoration and color matching of a series of embroidery, even if it is deformed and absurd. Through my hands, being the one who has the actual power to execute an arbitray transformation on the fish, it can also become a beautiful creature, however obviously ridiculous and morbid, to cover the "expression" behind the words I cannot say. When we look at the goldfish, actually what are we looking at? And do we see ourselves?

    Are we now also being objectified, and gradually turning into dead objects without feelings and pain? When I am doing operation on a goldfish and transforming it according to my will, what am I trying to change? When I looked at the cold and barbaric operation table and my most relaxed embroidery table at the same time, I felt like I am the fish, who was crowned with love and was remodeled whenever the people want.

Artist Introduction

Born in 1995, Yufei Hu is currently living in Hong Kong. She graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2017, majoring in Studio Art and Art History, received the Award of Honor and Magna Cum Laude. At her earlier stage, the main focus of her art practice was on oil painting materials. She has subsequently developed to apply embroidery elements in her creative process. Her works intend to break the distance between art and the public so that different people can enrich themselves through art from different perspective. Art should not only be incomprehensible, but also approachable. Her work pays more attention to the venting and expression of emotions, with an attempt to use art to comfort and provoke thought.

HU, Yufei
Graduate Year