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Selected Work

  • Have U massage(d) today?

  • Size Variable
  • Mixed media : white clay, polystyrene, emulsifying ointment, herbal powder
  • 2020
  • We do massage ourselves every day,
    sometimes casual, sometimes thoroughly,
    sometimes softly, sometimes forcefully!
    How about massaging something special and
    unique that you’ve never tried before?
    Here is the 2020 anti-pressure latest model “U-self 2.0”
    — in perfect human ration, with most delicate texture—
    that certainly provides you the most unprecedented
    experience. Formulated seasonal herbs is highly
    recommended to apply during massage in order to
    achieve the most optimal curative effect.
    Let’s enjoy U-self!

Artist Introduction

Chan Ying Ling, Elize
Graduate Year