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Selected Work

  • Fading Dialogue

  • 300 × 120 × 210 cm
  • Mixed media
  • 2022
  • Who are you?

    Man fears memory loss of their loved ones. The artwork explores the emotions of a person diagnosed with dementia from his own perspective through a dissolving face through the river of memory. The face represents the one that the patient would want to remember. No matter how hard he’d tried, the once familiar face just kept fading away. Slowly, ruthlessly, the face is torn apart, swept away, or blurred until they become unrecognisable pieces and gradually disappear. He struggled, but the memories are just passing away. How powerless he is.

    The installation is displayed on two sides, one with a fading face and one with a re-construction of a dissolved face. The dark side of dementia is that both the patient and carer suffers from confusions, sadness, and negative emotions and long-term pressure brought about by the loss of memory and self-care ability which is irreversible. The artist introduces a bright side giving a constructive feeling which gives hope that both patient and carer could reconstruct their relationship and to find a new way of communication.

    Please view the video artwork below.

Artist Introduction

As a practicing architect, I am always busy at my work. I have longed for doing artworks and to make some breakthroughs to the limitations that I have created on my own and to make dialogues with myself. Recently, I discovered that I am particularly interested in collage of materials and mixed media in installation art. I am searching my way in art.

Graduate Year