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Selected Work

  • Ctrl+Z

  • 140 × 35 × 65 cm
  • Laptop.bench.thermochromic material
  • 2022
  • Game on.

    Sit, stand, lay down.
    Any movements are welcome.
    One, two, three...
    No limitations on the number of people.

    I am afraid of the darkness.
    Would you please turn me back to white colour?

    But someone says,
    life is no Ctrl+Z.


    Interaction with audience

Artist Introduction

Kam Cheuk Lam, a Hongkonger who loves arts. She is a secondary school teacher. Her works focus on her own personal expression through making art - she keeps exploring in daily life to create a miscellaneous collection of works to express herself and to record memories in different artistic ways, such as painting, ceramics, installation art.

LUM KAM Cheuk Lam
Graduate Year