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Selected Work

  • Chatstaurant

  • Dimensions variable
  • Hong Kongers and love
  • 2020
  • Nutrients are essential to the growth and maintenance of human life, and it comes in two forms: physical and spiritual.
    But in this present age, our food choices are being manipulated by Capitalism.
    And since we only get to choose from food choices that were predetermined, it crippled our rights to the ability to truly understand and decide what we need to eat, so we mostly do not get the actual nutrients we require.
    Barriers due to the difference in social status, further discourages this sharing of knowledge regarding nutritional values of food, and this also prevents people with different cultural backgrounds the possibility to have a proper dialogue and to share this knowledge.
    Chatstaurant attempts to breakdown these two notions of social (dis)order: The politics of food choices and the barriers caused by social status.
    The Artist for Chatstaurant created a dining space where knowledge exchange via dialogue is possible, and uses meals that were customised to the needs of each participant, so they get proper nutrients required specifically for their health.
    Such customisation also encourages deeper understanding between the participants and the food they consume, facilitating the connection of people from all walks of life that shared the same need for “nutrients”.
    Using a green screen, the Artist can transform the dining space digitally, extending this sharing between participants beyond the physical plane, suggesting that the intake of nutrients goes beyond our physical needs, but spiritual too.
    Chatstaurant invites you to step into a place where our mind and body are nourished by each other for each other.

Artist Introduction

Anpel is a Hong Kong indigenous inhabitant. She received her Bachelor of film and television in Australia. As a student, her films had been screened in film festivals and won awards. Upon graduation, she received a scholarship to further her studies in Canada. She has produced over 200 television commercials and videos for local and multi-national organizations. From 2013, she started to volunteer in charity organizations to provide filming service and painting class to kids. She is awarded by Agency for Volunteer Service and The Social Welfare Department of the Hong Kong Government for seven consecutive years. Her creative practice includes painting, video, installation, performance, mix-media and public art. Her works concern local culture, urban life and human relations.

CHAN, Anpel
Graduate Year