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Selected Work

  • "An Elephantic Monument "

  • Size variable
  • Preforming Art / Video
  • 2020
  • How does one lock up a giant elephant?
    Rather than using mere chains and fetters, perhaps the way to cage an elephant is by way of manipulating its psyche.

    In order to achieve that, first of all, one must eradicate the concept of “revolt” inside the dictionaric mind of the elephant. Second of all, it is to condition the elephant into understanding that before its basic needs could be fulfilled, it must first comply to work for the amusement park/its masters of the Paradise tirelessly. Then what?

    Please view the video artwork below.

  • The story reaches its eventual sad ending: the elephant develops a disease that no on-site veterinarians could cure. And so, the amusement park/ Paradise decides for the elephant that euthanasia as the best way to go.

    Please view the video artwork below.

  • Without a doubt, the elephant in this story refers to Tino the elephant from Lai Yuen. Who else could it be?

    Please view the video artwork below.

  • Tino’s destiny was predetermined by others
    right from the start. Throughout the elephant’s
    life of ball and chain, it lived within a space of
    less than 500 square feet and begged for its
    food each day. Did you think that total
    submission would be a guarantee for a more
    tolerable treatment?

    History has already answered your

    Please view the video artwork below.

Artist Introduction

Fok Pui Sze, Ceci
Graduate Year