TAI On Yau, Monica

Artist Introduction

A graduate of Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London, Monica received her sculpture degree in 2005. She embraces quite a diverse range of media (sculptural construction, installation and painting) and strives for her own identity both in cultural area and her personal life. Sometimes Monica’s works show pain and a certain degree of loneliness, often counterbalanced by wit and irony. She likes to explore new materials from nature and cultural resources, which open up new horizons for visions and experience in the contemporary sculpture. She set up MOYT Fine Art International in 2007 where the emphasis on innovative contemporary art exclusively showcases sculpture, photography and painting by both Chinese and British artists. She is also a board of director of The Photocrafters. In 2012, a large outdoor sculpture Dream Pillows was awarded to participate at the Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium. In 2014, Monica held two solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, sponsored by SWIRE Properties and MOYT Fine Art International respectively.
Monica has been working on many commissioned projects for private collectors and properties. She has showcased her artwork in many cities of the UK, Germany, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Her works are featured in Hong Kong Eye publication in 2013. Monica currently lives and works in Hong Kong.