Works by CUHK Master of Arts in Fine Arts Year One 2020



With flowers in our hair and clouds in our hands, lying aside our elbow grease, we rub our eyes. Will the cloud bring us up high, or will the flower glaze our mind?

We wander through the lovely and the brusque, the lucid and the vague.As we close our eyes, ART is the only thing we glimpse,amidst the flowers and the clouds,with no turning back.

The eighteen of us travel through the clouds and mist. We experience, we interlace, we signify, and we speak.  Art is a method in our pursuit of directions (or going round in circles), no matter where it brings us to (or nowhere at all).

The postponed Year One exhibition of the Chinese University Master of Arts in Fine Arts 2020 met with the epidemic, and exhibited at the Hui Gallery, New Asia College for a lovely two days. We hereby collect the afterimages as the glimmering word of “Art”, and present them before your eyes.


Please view our exhibition virtual tour below.

Master of Arts in Fine Arts Year One Exhibition 2020