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Selected Work

  • waves

  • 1m*2m
  • Installation, Sculpture/ paper
  • 2016
  • life always up and down

Artist Introduction

I was born in NanJin and lived Guangzhou, China. BA in computer sciences from University of Ulster in 2001. MBA at University of Ulster in UK,2003. I moved to Shenzhen since 2014. Mostly my working experiences are related to creative industry. Especially the stock image company(Corbis) inspired me a lot from billion images of international top photographers. I started to do my own pottery since 2010. I enjoy the feeling of making things by hands. I like to explore different techniques and form in pottery. I like the texture of material. Moreover, I like to try more material and art form. I don’t want to limit myself only in one art form, I wish to explore and learn more at this stage.

Feng Yan, Karen
Graduate Year