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Selected Work

  • Vision of Demiurge

  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • 2018
  • Curator: Tao Hoi Chuen
    Artists: Leung Mong Sum, Tao Hoi Chuen, Wong Yuk Shan, Zheng Tian Yi, Fung Yi Tin, Lau Ka Chun

    The relationship between artists and their art is of mutual causation. While artists create art, their art is essential to their role as artists; neither side could be replaced, nor deprived of each other. It is impossible for artists to obtain absolute control of the formation of art, nor is all act of artists considered to be artistic acts. In the exhibition - “From God’s Perspective”, a third-person perspective has been employed to observe the agency of individuals in creating and interpreting art. While the six artists who participated in this exhibition are all the creators, they are also the observers and spectators of their art.