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Selected Work

  • Vanishing Line

  • Undergraduate Exhibition
  • 2/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • Members: Zaffer Chan Sui-ying, Lee Cheuk Wun, Lau Wai In, Yeung Wun Yan, Tsang Tsz Hei, Law Ho Man, Leung Ching Mei

    "Vanishing line" Is an exhibition for interaction among the artists, the public and the visually impaired. We go through the entire creative process with full consideration of those who lost their sight, and, therefore, we try to get rid of the limitation of empirical observation. Instead, we jump out from the orthodox visual sense and attempt to base our creation upon a brand new perspective of imagination.

    "I shut my eyes in order to see." ─Paul Gauguin, a leading French Post-Impressionist artist in the 19th Century.

    It is a valuable experience for us to study arts in the campus, which is located on a hillside and exposed to nature. Here, artistic source comes spontaneously from scent of trees and shrubs, and inspiration could be drawn from every little nook and cranny. The quintessential beauty goes far deeper than what could be achieved though techniques and depiction of our experience. By comparison, when closing your eyes, you could let your mind perceive the inner truth, which could be originally neglected by your anxious eyes.

    "Vanishing line" program is aimed to help the visually impaired enjoy and participate in the art exhibition, which could be achieved through guided tours, audio descriptions and other possible avenues. The valuable experience, which is gained through this program, is undoubtedly beneficial for us to produce greater artworks as well as to make us mature artists in the future.