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Selected Work

  • Untitled

  • 25.5 x 17cm each
  • Cyanotype, Watercolour paper, Video
  • 2017
  • Cyanotype images are stills from the movie. The background scenes were removed, left only the portraits. On the contrast, the video has only empty scene shots.
    Is the "reality" we see, really true? The "true memory" really reliable?

Artist Introduction

YU Ka Hei is an artist who mainly works in the photography medium. Having Majored in Photography in RMIT University, his works combine self-experience, memories, together with the observation of the city he born in, express temporality and historicity with very gentle and detailed texture, and recall the collective memory with his own representational forms. ­­­­ YU has participated and shown his works in Hong Kong Art Centre (2017), Comix Home Base (2016) and Fine Art Asia (2016).

Yu Ka Hei, Eric
Graduate Year