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Selected Work

  • Unconscious Consciousness

  • 2000mmX1000mm, 450mmX1400mm, 1700mmX450mm
  • Mixed Media Installation, Wood, Stainless Steel
  • 2019
  • In postmodern society, real and physical feelings are often forgotten while concept of consumption and exchange constitute an important foundation to our life as a part of the society. The boundary between the oppressed/oppressor has became ambiguous as we frequently switch between the boundary to fulfill our different roles in the society and in the subordination relationship. Emancipation is against the dilemma that we may become a thing in various social systems, production relations and forms, and an important reference for individuals seeking self-identity in the world. The lack of critical ideological life is an accomplice in the form of collective oppression. When people observe, reflect and treat themselves and their dissidents in social relations, this is a sincere and reciprocal mutual response, and also a belief in life.

Artist Introduction

As an Industrial and Product Design graduate from Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, LIU Wing Yan is an educator and working as middle school visual art teacher. LIU is good at handling three-dimensional works, and wishes to express her current circumstances through her artwork.

LIU, Wing Yan
Graduate Year