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Selected Work

  • Trace

  • 410mm x 310mm each for 12 pcs
  • Mixed media
  • 2017
  • A spoken parrot(Pinky) like a naughty kid pays around
    If she cannot see you she just cannot stop yelling like calling her fellow
    Sometimes she just flies close to you or to your shoulder immediately
    The relationship between us become closer and closer so we hate to put her in the cage
    “A free bird” can play around at our home with 300 feet
    It becomes her playground
    When the Summer comes
    Her feather keeps dropping everywhere which leave a trace for where she just stayed and played

Artist Introduction

Ice loves painting. Over the years, she has studied and explored different possibilities in painting. She has studied Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts and Diploma in Chinese Ink Painting, both from CUSCS. The aim of studying Master in Fine Arts is to broaden her horizons, to try using various creative media and new elements into her art works, and to open up another door for her future creation of art. She has always been looking for art in her life and concerning about the welfare of animals. She is interested in exploring the life of pet and the human-pet relationship.

CHOW Sau Han, Ice
Graduate Year