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Selected Work

  • To the Era of Disequilibrium

  • Dimensions variable
  • Photography Installation
  • 2019
  • We aim to transform the world from the path it is on,
    the world has been altered tremendously by our upside down transformation.

    The changes are untrammelled,
    making us like machines without being conscious,
    automated responses and interaction being replaced by all that lacks uniqueness, empathy and creativity.

    We keep working and keep producing to meet the perceived needs of the Era.
    Yet, such Era may no longer exist in time.
    Disarrayed by the tilt of the compass,
    we can only grasp the fragile wrist attached to the bedding.
    In an extremely enclosed place,
    Where we should go ?

Artist Introduction

Chan Hoi Tsz Nicole graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, jointly presented by the RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2015 with distinction, majoring in Photography. Chan's personal vision is to explore the spiritual aspects in people and places, trying to depict a direction to connect both her inner space and outer environment through an unspoken and silence approach to discover the neglected social problems of the city. Chan currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Chan Hoi Tsz Nicole
Graduate Year