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Selected Work

  • To become the landscape

  • Dimensions variable
  • HD video,aluminium ladder
  • 2022
  • The artist created this video installation through his experience of using aluminium ladder at work as a photojournalist. In the video, Cheng attempts to observe the confrontation between himself and the landscape, juxtaposing that with his bodily experience at the moment of video shooting. On the surface where breeze blows across, he explores how the subject and object, produced by gazes, dissolve.
    ‘If I could become the landscape, I would be gazing at myself as I gaze at the landscape.’

    Please view the video artwork below.

Artist Introduction

Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung is an artist and award-winning photojournalist based in Hong Kong. Through multiple mediums, his ongoing artistic research is to perform how photography as a perceptual experience affects the condition of viewers and the photographer himself.

Graduate Year