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Selected Work

  • The Pencil of Nature

  • 5’13
  • Single-channel digital video, Silent, Color, loop
  • 2014
  • I didn’t know exactly why I liked looking at animals in zoos until I read John Berger’s book About Looking. Since then, I started thinking about my experiences of looking at animals and images of animals. Gradually, I was aware that what attracted my attention was the state of caged animals rather than the animals themselves. In this work, I borrowed a picture from John Berger’s About Looking, which was a painting titled “Renard” by French painter Gilles Aillaud. I transformed the image of animal in the picture into scraps of pencils and placed it under the sun. The sunlight flowed over scraps of pencils naturally. Between the stillness and the movement, audiences can see the movement of light and shadow, imagine the scraps of pencils changing from material to the immaterial, and feel the existence and disappearance of things in a moment.

Artist Introduction

CHEUNG Wing-man, Phoebe
Graduate Year