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Selected Work

  • The Other Shore
  • Three Generations
  • Stories of Teardrops

  • 233 x 89 cm
  • 65 x 143 cm
  • Variable
  • Chinese Ink and Color on Silk
  • Chinese Ink and Color on Paper
  • Photography
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • This is a record about a feeling.
    Recording a kind of indescribable feeling from hearts, melancholy but faint sentimental.

  • This is a record about myself. Painting the sadness through the imitation of mural form, create an erosion feel for those stories. It is a

    continuation of “Stories of Teardrops”, in order to collect the stories of teardrops by my own. And it is also a spiritual vent.

  • This is a record about the stories of teardrops.

    What is tears? Is it a strong emotion?

    Or is it the people’s deepest secret?

    For you, what is tears?

Artist Introduction

Purely recorded, is my way to create artwork. By recording my own secrets, life and the others’ stories through creation, I seek for new point-of-views to confront myself - the “optimistic-pessimist” and this complicated world. Meanwhile, to prove my existence against the planet. Now, with meticulous technique, spirit and indifferent unique flavor of Chinese Delineative Painting, I recorded stories from reality to dream. My creation usually adopted with pale hue, in order to providing silence and melancholy sense of beauty. You may say my artworks are trivial, but they are precisely sheer and truthful.

YEUNG Wai-ying, Zena
Graduate Year