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Selected Work

  • The Lightscape

  • Photo: 24x36 Inches
  • Digital image and video, Photography/ Photo:Inkjet Print
  • 2017
  • I don’t like darkness, but I like the light shining out of darkness. I am always captured by it when I walk on the road at night. Stopping by the roadside, I am amazed and fascinated.

    This series of work includes a video and a photograph. I want to bring out the static and moving form of light. The work is taken with under-exposure and a filter so as to exclude all the reflections of light. Only the light sources are being shown in order to re-present the illusive structure of light at night, the lightscape.

    The shining twinkle light on the dark background brought me to Eugene H. Peterson’s translation on Revelation 21:11, “The City shimmered like a precious gem, light filled, pulsing light.”

Artist Introduction

Lo Yuet Mei enjoys very much on the transcendental massage presented by fine art photography. She keeps using photography, video and installation to express her concepts and ideas. Lo majored in English literature, music and theology in her early studies. Recently she studied fine arts. In 2016, she got the Bachelor Degree of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT, majoring in Photography. She is currently a pastor of North Point Alliance Church.

LO Yuet Mei
Graduate Year