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Selected Work

  • The Fourth Wall

  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • 2018
  • Curator: Wong Nga Shan
    Artists: Chan Hoi Yi, Poon Yin Tung, Tam Cheuk Lam, Tsang Pui Lam, Wong Ka Yi, Wong Nga Shan, Wong Pak Hang , Yim Kei Tung

    By performance convention, only three walls will be presented during the construction of a indoor scene on the stage. The Fourth Wall, where the audience watch the play through this “wall”, is fictitious. The creator, the actors are acting without being aware of existence of the audiences, while the audiences are also immersed in the illusion of real life created on the stage. As for "anti-illusionism", which breaks the Fourth Wall by reminding viewers that they are watching an illusory story. The Fourth Wall also exists in the language of visual arts, it allows the audience to feel fiction world realistically.