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Selected Work

  • The Drawing Roof

  • Installation: Size Variable, Drawing: 180 x120 cm each/4 pcs
  • Installation with colour pencil drawing on paper, wooden chair sculpture, music, studio objects of the artist
  • 2018
  • It has countless fragments floating above the roof like the fracture of the Roman’s ruins waiting for its re-shaping. The current is the architect, a composition of gravitation, orbit and axis’s rotation. He manipulates the fragments with gentleness, and transforms them into image of flying cloth, ripples or swaying willow on the Chinese silk.
    He is adding, layering, erasing and discovering. The current draw a landscape once captured by Casper David Friedrich’s gaze in the time and space.
    The extended pencil hand dances on the surface while gazes on the unity. He whirls in rhythm and melancholy, bouncing with the violinist’s fast strokes. The score is converted into cluster signified with finiteness echoing the 4’33 performed by John Cage. Automatism is intertwining with gestures, creating waves in the consciousness. It gives the hospitality to an invisible company which is within us, as John Berger said.

Artist Introduction

Yuen Chun Tai, earned her degree on Social Sciences in China Economics at HKBU in 2000 and graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) major in Painting from Hong Kong Art School in 2014, co-programmed with RMIT. Her art practice is through researching and data mining from historical or statistic records to enfold her creative ideas. Recently she investigates the drawing on processing of her own inner-self. She had her first solo exhibition When Smoke Rises at am space gallery in 2015 and co-curated the From the Outside of the Inside group show with grant from Pure Art Foundation at 2017 with other artists after their Singapore residency.

YUEN Chun Tai, Ivy
Graduate Year