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Selected Work

  • Sucking Ice
  • 1:17:43
  • Dialogue in Mass Movement : Stranger

  • Size Variable, 6' 59
  • Size Variable
  • Size Variable
  • Video
  • Performance, Photo document
  • Dialogue, Papers, Photo document
  • 2015
  • 2015
  • I am sucking ice.

  • Pouring water on my body and let it evaporate under the sun.

  • This work looks into the individuality and the use of language in a mass movement. The worksheet is designed according to the official documents from the government. I select vocabs that are manipulated by the government and invite strangers I met during the Umbrella Movement to create sentences with those words.

Artist Introduction

No matter how low you are, be pretty.

LEUNG Ho-yin
Graduate Year