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Selected Work

  • Stethoscope

  • 160 x 160 x 140 cm
  • Wood table, fabric chair, partition board, audio records played by MP3 and earphone
  • 2019
  • "Lodge a complaint!", "You must complain it".
    What are the people trying to convey, when complaining becomes a part of social culture?
    The complainant sharing their dissatisfaction,
    the listener reacting to the complainant obligately.
    Are they working in a communication? Or just a cycle of vicious repetition.

    Having worked at a patient “service” (complaints) unit,
    I tried to recreate the experience from work.
    Through each voice recording, you are going to experience the interactions and life on the other side.

Artist Introduction

Following the psychology bachelors graduation, my career began in the medical unit. The circle of life is not a strange issue to me, this strengthened my belief in treasuring the human interactions we have. I became fascinated in observing reactions of human interactions in order to understand the underlying emotions and intentions. Since joining an art program in 2017, my primary objective is to combine art with my daily life. Creating pieces to reflect the emotion, and to subsequently allow everyone to listen to this strange yet familiar voice from inner. My belief is: One must be able to read themselves, before being able to understand others.

Tang Sin Yan ​Christine
Graduate Year