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Selected Work

  • Song of Mountain

  • Printmaking: 61 cm x 122 cm each/4 ps , Photo: 71 cm x 71cm each/2 ps, Display: 20 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm
  • Chinese Printmaking, Chinese Water Ink, Calligraphy, Photography, Installation
  • 2018
  • In this series, I make use of a rock (an accidentally found object, left unattended on the ground without any economic value) by combining various kinds of ancient Chinese artistic techniques, such as Chinese inscription (Chinese printing making), Chinese water ink drawing, calligraphy, to create a pictorial and painterly Chinese character of mountain, “山” (Shan). In turn, it renders a band new style for Chinese water ink painting. A set of photos of the same rock, shot in landscape format with western technology – camera, juxtaposes with the painting. The rock, which is the real object/body, now serves as the catalyst for and the reference of the very different styles of the oriental and the western.

Artist Introduction

Ivan Chung was born in Hong Kong. He works predominantly in the medium of photography (both in digital and in black and white film photography). He completed his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (photography) in 2016 in RMIT Australia. His artistic works explore urban landscape and human relation, address philosophical ideas about death and sexuality and look into natural landscape and political issues. Working with staged scenes, he experimented with multiple exposures with his images. He now explores on works that create dialogue between eastern Chinese landscape painting and the western black and white film photography.

CHUNG Kit Hong, Ivan
Graduate Year