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Selected Work

  • Shadowland

  • 540(L)× 197.5(W)× 287 (H) cm
  • Installation
  • 2019
  • Meines Herzens Bild zu finden
    Bei den Schatten oder Hier.
    (Hölderlin, Diotima)

    Installation "Shadowland" attempts to explore the source of photography and painting - shadow, which is the connection between light and shadow.

    The shadows are ephemeral. In this five-meter corridor covered with luminous materials, the shadows are preserved for a short time. The walls look like a mirror-like reflection that becomes an extension of reality.

    The lights turn on followed by a sudden distinguish, the Shadowland constantly switching between fiction and the real world.

    Illusion, because it is not a real thing; Reality, because it is the projection of the most physical contour, the viewer has become the painter himself who constructs the fictional world. The shadow left by this second may overlap with the shadow of the person who has already stepped out of the tunnel, and also implies the interlacing and connection between people in the real world. The shadow is the proof of existence, but eventually it is constantly fading as time goes by.

Artist Introduction

(b.1990, now lives and works in Hong Kong) YU Ka Hei is an artist who mainly works in photography and photo installation. His works combine self-experience, memories, together with the observation of the city, express temporality and local history with gentle and detailed textures, and recall the collective memory with his own representational forms. ­­­­ YU has participated and shown his works in Hong Kong Art Centre (2018), Comix Home Base (2016) and Fine Art Asia (2016).

YU, Ka Hei
Graduate Year