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Selected Work

  • Opium of the People ­ Naruto
  • Connection
  • Imitation of Lan Ying’s “Imitation of Huanghe­Shanqiao Landscape Painting”

  • 30 x 200 cm
  • 29.7x42 cm each (A Set of Four)
  • 47x130 cm
  • Chinese Ink and Color on Paper
  • Photos of Tears by different emotions Under Microscope, Tracing Papers
  • Ink and color on Paper
  • ​2013­-Now
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • Marx said: "Religion is the opium of the people." These words have been quoted when many people thought that Marx's attitude towards religion was totally negative. But in 1842 opium was legal, "Religion is the opium of the people" was not derogative. Consider “the opium of the
    people” for the 90’s, it must be “Anime” . Anime has equal or larger spiritual influence than religion. The painting used Dunhuang Murals as reference of color, reconstruct forms of characters in order to show the similarity between “Anime” and “Religion”.

  • Tears looks the same with the naked­eye. However, emotions can affect the microscopic structure of them (see Rose­Lynn Fisher " The Topography of Tears "). These studies shows a contradiction between reality and guess. It pushes me to reexamine “Taoist Talisman Water Treatment Therapy”, a traditional Chinese ritual which often been criticised as "unscientific" or "superstition". It also pushes me to reexamine the attitude of subverting traditional Chinese culture.

  • An Exhibit of “Modern Stories of Civilization”. Understanding artistic conception in Li Shangyin’s “Untitiled” poems through reading their derivative poems written by contemporary poet Eddie Tay, as well as imitating traditional Chinese landscape paintings.

Artist Introduction

My art is unique. As my worldview is unique.

NG Ki-ka
Graduate Year