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Selected Work

  • of a Somatic-Dialogue : Exhale Inhale

  • Size Variable
  • Mixed media
  • 2018
  • Being Sick and Joesph Merrick have been all around during this academic journey; to gather exercises such as soma performances, collages, and drawings, so to narrate a dialogue of Exhale and Inhale.

Artist Introduction

1985 born in Hong Kong, lives, studies and works in Hong Kong. Previously trained as an architect in UK; Graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Art degree of the Hong Kong Art School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2014; Currently work as a for the Spatial Study course at the Hong Kong School of Creativity. His works include various media from 2D to 3D, performance to public art, but mostly concentrated on performance and drawing as his main medium. Recently participated in the 2018 Public Arts Project Ring Ring Belt at Seoul Korea.

RiK Wing Kei Yu
Graduate Year