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Selected Work

  • Nicked Typed Specimen III, Junzi Series

  • Size Variable
  • Infrared red photo
  • 2016
  • Seven colors in Light Spectrum, red and violet seems the sentries of our visible city, preventing us from seeing the external IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) lights, ‘Originals’ and ‘Locals’ are cursed to be placed in two ends to let the exiting overlapping spectrum hide.
    To use methods in line with “local” circumstances to graft in passing! These Junzi Type Specimens are the collection of di_erent ‘local’ plants grafted and cultivated on disintegrated Bauhinia from Victoria Park Bauhinia Garden, then process photosynthesis (exposed) by invisible infrared ray to rebirth. In order to respond the falsehood mystery of nicked Chinese name of Bauhinia in basic law and HK history.
    If the function of type specimen is for comparing and tracing the original pedigree, If the existence of fabrication is for proo_ng the truth; Let me dress up for the truth again! Let my works parasites into the system to find a crack through the unseen interchange of fabrications and facts in Hong Kong history after the basic law announced 26 years ago !
    (one of the Bauhinia Chinese name of word ‘ 洋 ’that means ‘foreign’ has been shaved quietly in HK basic law since 1990 because of political taboo).

Artist Introduction

LEE Nga Fong, Avon
Graduate Year