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Selected Work

  • My wonderland

  • Size Variable
  • Felt, digital sound work
  • 2018
  • We always forget to appreciate our family, because we are too familiar with it. Yet we are shaped and formed by the family, it seems to be normal not to appreciate it with our mouths.

    I have been lived in a few different cities because my dad’s job. I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents whom gave me what they have whatever from material or spiritual areas. The year I was born was the starting year of one child policy in China. I would like to share with viewers my childhood memories.

Artist Introduction

Karen was born in Nanjing, China. Owing to her father’s occupation, she has been lived and studied in many cities around the world. She is good at many languages. She uses different medium in her artworks, such as ceramics, photography, oil painting etc. Karen likes different cultures and is curious about the reason and phenomenon behind every culture.

FENG Yan, Karen
Graduate Year