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Selected Work

  • Mother

  • 105 x 180 cm
  • Photography/ 2 photographic prints
  • 2017
  • Few encounters are more disorienting than spotting in an unfamiliar environment the back of someone who appears to be one’s close relative, without knowing if that really is the person one knows. In this pair of photo portraits, Li and her mother respectively pose against a blank background in the latter’s everyday clothing. In doing so, the artist attempts to evaluate how our impression of family members is as much a product of their physical appearances as it is the recurrent domestic contexts in which we regularly find them in. Even our closest relative may come across as being uncannily alien if she was singled out and situated in a complete vacuum.

Artist Introduction

Li Fung Chun received her BA (Fine Arts) degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2013. Li’s early installations and mixed-media paintings muse on urban existence, addressing contradictions that range from the limits of privacy to the alienating effect of modern cityscape. Li’s reflection on sufferings – in war, sexual abuses, the plight of refugees, and natural disasters – also runs through her work. Li has recently turned to depict these in Chinese ink paintings. In 2017, Li was a winner in the ‘Abstract: Open Category’ in UOB Ink Art of the Year awards, and was shortlisted for the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize. Li’s work has been exhibited in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong City Hall, JCCAC, PMQ, Blindspot Gallery, Art Central, H Queen’s and K11.

Li Fung Chun
Graduate Year