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Selected Work

  • lifting

  • 3/F, Cheng Ming Building
  • Curator: Chong Ting Hong
    Member: Chong Ting Hong

    French sociologist, Maurice Halbwachs, stated that individual memory was constructed within social structures and institutions. In particular, individual private memory is understood only through a group context via different symbols such that links can be established to connect the memory fragments and in such a way, individuals remember them in a way that is“rationally” ordered. Language, actions, objects are hence used as media to order and communicate memories and these are retained through sharing among individuals. This is my intent to create a bridge between viewers and private memory fragments through covering, erasing and making collage of various found objects, where we look back at intimate relationships that falls in the past. It is not just works that we hold on; but also the lingering of “me”, “you” and “him”.

Artist Introduction

I (think / eat / create), therefore I am.

CHONG Ting-hong
Graduate Year