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Selected Work

  • 906am

  • 66 × 44 cm
  • Oil on canvas
  • 2013

Artist Introduction

Being fascinated by works relevant to organic structure in the nature and surrealism,the form, textural quality and the aspiration breed by organic materials.My recent works focus on portraying animals;by researching and representing topics chosen from daily matters and literary works,I want to explore the cultural perceptions of animals, and to reevaluate the human-animal relationship from a different perspective. Art-making is never the mere demonstration of technical skills, creating moods for audience is as important as the visual effect.I am currently exploring possibilities of different materials;especially clay and papers, both allow high degree of plasticity. My aim is to discover the physical properties of materials, and make good use of their characteristics.

LAI Oi-ki, Bernadette
Graduate Year