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Selected Work

  • The Order of Landscape

  • 15 X 9.7 cm (a set of 3)
  • Lightbox, pencil on tracing papers, stickers
  • 2017
  • That object is always being obscured. I want to explore into the long-existed pagoda trees, walk through a path to the back of the pagoda trees and rearrange the order of landscapes.

Artist Introduction

Michelle LEE Ho-wing obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing Master of Fine Arts degree in CUHK. Having an affiliation with Archive of the People, she conceives a framework through creative practices and social research. Her practice encompasses the relationship between text and image through a variety of media. LEE extracts significant lines from the vast sea of writings with keen perception, and further represents and rephrases the text in a specific context, which resonates with the original literature and social circumstances. Her work is characterized by her interest in triangular relationship between author, reader and text. Her current research is related to the linkage among archive and library and the circulation of the looted library books. She has previously been awarded Judges Prize in “Impression-Eileen Chang-Inaugural Painting Award” (2010) and “Ramon Woon Creative Prize” (2006). She was selected as finalist of WMA Commission in 2018. www.leehowing.com

LEE Ho Wing Michelle
Graduate Year