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Selected Work

  • "In which world, we can meet each other /3" side-B

  • (16 x 16 inch each/ 3pcs)
  • Drawing, Charcoal on Canvas
  • 2018
  • We, chasing the furthest place.
    Once reaching the furthest place,
    the furthest has become the nearest.

    In the scale of time:
    The moment is blurred,
    but memories in a distance
    are always beautiful.
    But, we are forced to look into the distance,
    move forward.

    No matter it is far away or nearby,
    "We once met".

Artist Introduction

Wong Sum Foon has been working in advertising industry for over 16 years and working as a lecturer in Creative Media for many years. He is interested in studying the relationship among "Memory, Time & Repeatability". His art practice focuses on the exploration and extension of these aspects. Instagram: foonzzz

WONG Sum Foon
Graduate Year