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Selected Work


  • 30min
  • Video
  • 2019
  • My grandmother is called Yang Guilan,
    born in a village surrounded by
    mountains of Shandong Province.
    She is illiterate but has her selfunderstanding
    about life.
    She experienced foot binding for a
    while but finally grew normal feet and
    she never walk out of the mountain.
    She worked all her life and her small
    home is her whole world.
    She has no idea about the world outside.
    My grandmother, my mother and I have
    the same birthday.
    I want to take her to see the world outside.
    I want to celebrate our birthdays
    together with her, I want to listen to her
    life and I want to record her journey.
    It might be a cruel gift or a sweet bomb.
    Maybe there are no answers.
    But I still want to know.

Artist Introduction

XU Yuanyuan, born in Shandong province in 1988, graduated from German Literature Department of Qingdao University in 2011 and now lives and works in Shenzhen. XU Yuanyuan is a curator and creator with a strong contemporary spirit and crossover mindset. In 2015 she curated “City Matrix”, the first art exhibition themed on feminism of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \Architecture (UABB). In 2016 she was selected for the International Workshop of Emerging Arts Professionals of Para Site. In 2018 her performing work “Goddess” was invited to “Plant Exchange Plan” of Babu Space. She curated first exhibition of Shen Shaomin Project CHINESE CARP. She is a promoter of black box, experimental theater and independent films. Now she is a member of the 2019 UABB “Ascending City” curatorial team. Her works include film, video, performance and installation. She explores the subtle and complicated relationship between people, between individuals and society. She especially focuses on the mental feeling of “the onechild generation” during China’s high-speed urbanization

XU, Yuanyuan
Graduate Year