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Selected Work

  • First Encounter

  • Mixed Media/ Nylon
  • 2017
  • Was it the sound of your blissful handshakes or dancing heartbeats?
    Your beauty and kindness shall be where my soul belongs from today and beyond.

Artist Introduction

Kylie Lo is a graduate of Bachelor of Science degree in risk management science from the CUHK, currently specialises in financial risk management and pursues a master degree in Fine Arts in the CUHK. Having developed her interests in calligraphy since childhood, Kylie is particularly fond of Chinese calligraphy, mostly because of the unique expression of ink writing, the sound and sense of Chinese poetry, the aesthetics and elegance of Chinese characters and the philosophy of ancient scholars. She wishes to promote and preserve Chinese calligraphy whilst creating and inventing new, modern Chinese calligraphy.

LO Sik Yu, Kylie
Graduate Year