• http://www.artofcuhk.hk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Crystal_Artwork3_Endless-Puzzle.jpg
Selected Work

  • Endless Puzzle

  • A set of 3 pieces; 50 x 50 cm for 2; 100 x 100 cm for 1
  • Mixed media/ Wood, cardboard, acrylic
  • 2016

Artist Introduction

Crystal Kwok received her Diploma in Fine Arts from CUSCS in 2015. Inspired by everyday objects she observes, she links her life and her sensibilities of everydayness with her works. She tidies up her thinking by long and sophisticated creative processes to make sure her contemplations are faithfully expressed in her works. Her obsession with order and pattern makes geometry an essential artistic element of her. Instagram: crystalkwok

KWOK Tsz Wai, Crystal
Graduate Year