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Selected Work

  • Deconstruct

  • Size Variable
  • Light, rice-paper, synthetic paper, plant, cooker
  • 2011

Artist Introduction

I want to live as a hole of the tree, a secret-collector motivated and burdened by curiosity. Will this obsession of picking second-hand roses collect the fragments of our time? My life used to rest in depression. It is said that art-crafts are for idlers and losers. Wandering from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and from Chien-mu Library to Cheng-ming Residence, I tried to revitalize my heart with the memory of human beings in light of stars. Day in and day out, students who study the same painting and calligraphy specimens come and go. Three years ago, I saw the floating city as shivering along with the breath of a mosquito, and now I feel like empathizing with its warmth and rhythm. Compared to written and oral communications, drawing and ceramic making are more straightfor-ward actions, as vigorous as brooks flushing away the stones inside us. When disturbed by pride and prejudice, I turn to the lines in Dharma Bums: “equally empty, equally to be loved, equally a coming Buddha.”

MA Jia-ni, Littlehorse
Graduate Year